Hello this is Helix Digital

A freelance website design service developing cost effective WordPress websites for small and medium size businesses. With an extensive background in marketing and branding, our websites are designed to promote your business and be found in Google and other search engines.

All sites are built using SEO to target your customers. We can also optimise any existing site to be ‘visible’ in search engines, especially local searches where visitors are looking for suppliers and trades.


WordPress business style websites are easy to manage, update and maintain by their owners. WordPress is the world’s most popular website platform, with more than 74 million websites and blogs in use. This means that you will always have someone who will be able to develop, add to or change your sites functionality for you.

WordPress is cheap and easy to host and can be made very secure with the use of security plug-ins.


WordPress is adaptable and can be built into any design. Alternatively a theme can be found, changed and developed into a unique custom look. Functionality can be added with the use of ‘off the shelf’ plug-ins and widgets such as slide shows, social media links, calendars, maps and much more.

All websites are ‘responsive’ which means they work on mobile phones and tablets, as well laptops and larger screens. This is very important as Google now rate sites on their mobile use.

Portfolio: some examples of past and present sites

Helix built its first website in 1998 for a division of Blue Circle. Things were done differently then, current technology offers amazing ready made functionality, a lot of it free. Below are examples of our favourite websites designed and built over the years, some in use, others long gone.

Toby Webb - photographers website.
photographers website
King's College London - website for the Centre for Neuroimaging, part of the Institute of Psychiatry.
Mercapital - website for a successful Spanish private equity company in Spanish and English.
Mendick Waring - website for a building services engineering consultants.
Simply Gourmet - website for a catering and events company.
Simply Gourmet - website for a catering and events company
Paradise Garage - website for a Knightsbridge classic car dealer.
Paradise Garage - website for classic car dealer
Preparation Capital - website for company investment and finance consultant.
Preparation Capital - website for company investment and finance consultant
Tatiana Tafur - Original website for a Kings Road furniture and interior design shop.
Tatiana Tafur - Website for a Kings Road furniture and interior design shop

Manage your own website

WordPress is the worlds most popular website ‘content management system’ (CMS). It is backed by a huge online community of developers and constantly updated with new features and functionality, making it ‘future proof’. From industry specialists themes to ecommerce, WordPress will do everything for you ’but make you a cup of tea’ as one wp developer said.

WordPress provides the CMS for these high-profile sites: New York Observer, New York Post, TED, Thought Catalog, USA Today, CNN, Fortune.com, TIME.com, National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC all use WordPress. (source: codeinwp.com)

WordPress themes

Helix make custom design themes from scratch using the WordPress CMS (content management system). These utilise selected WordPress plugins to give you, slide shows and carousels, gallery and text editing. Or an existing theme can be customised to your own design, by choosing one that does what you want it to do and developing it with your style and content. Some are free and others can be purchased for about £50 and developed further.

Helix will provide written instructions on how to edit the website with any website commissioned.

Search engine optimisation

A website is useless if it is not being found by potential clients and visitors. Helix will always deliver a website (unless otherwise agreed) that search engines can find and index.

Helix Digital will give your website the best possible chance of being found in Google and other search engines. We use special SEO plug-ins and well planned and placed key word search terms, based around your business or products, our websites will register and rank in Google’s directories, using ‘on the page’ optimisation or page level SEO.

Additionally a full scale SEO campaign can be implemented over an extended period, setting the site up, monitoring results and making adjustments to the web pages on an on-going basis.

We offer link building programmes, pay-per-click campaigns, email marketing and social media strategies can also be organised, enabling a website to be given its maximum potential prominence in a chosen business sector.

Contact information

Helix works online to produce results for you. You will have total control of your project and be carefully guided through the project avoiding any pitfalls. After taking a brief – what you are trying to achieve, who you want to appeal to and how we are going to do that. Visuals will be produced to show how the finished site will look and how it will do what you want it to. Changes can be made to the site at this point, after which the WordPress code will be written, making a working site and giving the exact look of the visual.

Where an existing WordPress theme is being used some of the above stages may be skipped.

What we require from you: text and good quality pictures, although we can source these for you if required. Also we’ll need a timely sign-off when appropriate.

Your text and pictures will be inserted into the site to start you off. From there you can edit your site yourself from the instructions which we will supply.

Every job is different, so please fill out this form with your requirements and we will send you an estimate, or if required some free advice. Thank you.

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